Hi, I am Florian a, Interaction Designer and Engineer with a passion for Technology and Development.

Work Experience

My Superpowers


  • I love to hear and learn about new technologies. Currently, I am interested in AI, CV, Blockchain, and NFT.
  • I appreciate hearing and understanding different people's points of view.
  • I am curious about new design principles, methods, and tools. Currently, I am interested in post-human-centered design.


  • I enjoy prototyping visually (in Figma or sketch ), with code, or with electronics to rapidly test new concepts.
  • I prefer to design using frameworks, UX principles, and scientific research as well as user's needs, systems architect's, and development's limitations.


  • I enjoy sharing experiences and knowledge to educate others.
  • I like to pitch new ideas.
  • I am driven by a strong desire to develop structures and procedures that will allow me and others in my team to be more efficient.

About Me

Cyborg conference 2015 in Düsseldorf, implant an NFC chip into my hand.

About Me

I am a designer who likes art, crazy futuristic technologies, and to challenge myself. I easily get curious about new things and enjoy learning about new topics, which the variety of my projects and background suggests.
Design not only takes place in my profession but also plays a significant role in my personal life; in side-projects with friends or in creating, coding and experimenting within Design. I also take care of a lot of hobbies, including skateboarding, surfing, and building and flying freestyle drones.

Code prototyping with computer vision and emotion recognition


Over the last years, I worked in many different fields and roles; including IT, Front-end Development, UX/UI Design, and Product Design within IT companies, the automotive industry, security industry as well as for Design Agencies. Within my jobs and roles, I worked on development and design at the same time, where I created hybrid design abilities. With these abilities, I can prototype high- and low fidelity concepts with both digital and analog technologies to acquire rapid knowledge and explore potential ideas. Not only does it save time, but it also pushes ideas to the limit and provides completely new perspectives and solutions.

Making custom electronics for an interactive installation.

My Pitch

As the variety in my background suggests, I easily get curious about new things and enjoy learning about new topics. I could be best described as a 'Swiss Army knife since I have a wide range of technical skills that can be applied in many situations and I am flexible in applying my trades across different teams.