Product Designer and Engineer with a passion for technology

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About me

I enjoy design, crazy futuristic technologies, and challenging myself with learning new things and experimenting with technology.

#HumanCenteredDesign #ProductThinking #PlatformDesign #DesignSystems #Web3 #Blockchain #PostHumanCenterDesign.

Aside from my professional work as a designer, I am passionate about side projects involving art, design, research, and development. In order to maintain a balance between work and life, I enjoy numerous hobbies such as surfing, kitesurfing, skateboarding, acrylic painting, and writing articles on MEDIUM.

My experience

I am a versatile design and development professional with a passion for bridging the realms of design and engineering. My journey, enriched by experiences spanning three countries and languages, has navigated through diverse sectors such as fintech crypto and trading, music royalties and copyrights, security, automotive, industrial machines, web, and healthcare. I specialise in Interaction Design, Product Design, UX/UI Design, and Front-end Development, working with both product companies and agencies to create meaningful and impactful user experiences.

My unique blend of design acumen and development skills empowers me to close the gap between conceptualisation and implementation. This dual proficiency enables me to conduct feasibility checks independently, ensuring that every design is not only user-centric but also technically sound and viable. I pride myself on being a multifaceted problem solver who can don a myriad of hats to navigate through complex challenges and deliver tailored, innovative solutions that resonate on a global scale and drive user engagement.

I'm driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to cultivating inclusive and universally intuitive interactions. My multicultural and multi-industry insights fuel my design philosophy, allowing me to create coherent, accessible, and value-driven experiences that elevate brands and facilitate meaningful connections in the ever-evolving world of design.